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Our advantage:


- Reasonable price, bypassing layers of agency and maximizing profit sharing to customers

- Purchasing directly from China, Germany and Italy to ensure that all products are genuine and original.

- China warehouses unify LCL/International express delivery every week, which greatly saves logistics costs

- Experienced engineers provide you with professional pre-sale and after-sale technical consulting services.





High quality service concept:


- 12-hour online service, online sales, full tracking of orders.

- China's entity company in the production and quality inspection, formal declaration procedures, 100% original authentic.

- With high-quality engineering and technical personnel, to provide customers with professional selection advice and perfect automation solutions.





Abundant supplier resources:


- With our own factory and deep cooperation with partners such as Germany, Italy, USA, France, England, Switzerland, and Singapore, we have established an efficient and efficient supply channel to ensure a stable and efficient global international supply system.





A wide range of product applications:


- Stamping, plastics, moulding, custom-made precision parts, etc., and established direct cooperation models with large and medium-sized companies in Europe and Japan.





Competitive price system:


- Local direct production and delivery in China will reduce transit links, control costs, and strive to create the shortest distance between the two points.


- European and Japanese mainstream brands can produce and purchase. As long as you provide the brand and model, the rest will be given to us! In order to increase the efficiency of quotes, please be sure to provide the brand, model, article number, quantity or material nameplate photos.





- With rich production experience and extensive procurement channels, we can also help you purchase products from the manufacturers as long as you can provide models and brand photos for domestic products that are not easy to find.






Dluster Precision Solution is a company specializing in the production and import and export of European precision machinery products. It is committed to building bridges between small and medium-sized automation companies and domestic customers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc., focusing on precision parts and overall mold forming products and users. One-stop supplier. The main products are industrial automation, the overall mold, tungsten steel products and parts and other products.


Through 100% production and purchase directly from the Chinese factory, we enjoy a low price and a 100% high-quality after-sales service. For some well-known European branded products, we can obtain the best discounts from manufacturers by focusing on mass production and procurement, and can provide lower quotations than the domestic market price to maximize profitability to customers. For industrial products that are not easily found in Germany and European small brands, we can help you find and purchase on behalf of them. The number of European SMEs directly assisted by Dluster Precision Solution has reached more than 1,000.



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