Sustainable Transport of Electric Vehicles and FA factory

On July 12, 2018, Tesla Global Vice President Ren Yuxiang said that Tesla 
(Beijing) Technology Innovation Center has been established in Beijingwhich locate at the Tesla China headquarters of Beijing Huamao Center according to Beijing News report. The technology innovation include research and development of electric vehicles and spare parts, batteries, energy storage equipment and information technology.
At the same time, Ren Yuxiang said that China is the world's largest new energy vehicle market, and Beijing is Tesla's first stop and headquarters in China, and is also one of Tesla's largest markets in China.
“Beijing Innovation Center” mainly undertakes research and development of new energy products.
Tesla announced the Beijing innovation center set up in Beijing in October 18, 2017. Tesla registered in Chaoyang District, Beijing, "Beijing new energy research and Development Co., Ltd.", also known as "Tesla Beijing science and technology innovation center". Ren Yuxiang introduced that with Tesla's growing business in China, Tesla set up the first scientific and technological innovation center in Beijing in October 2017 as an important layout of the Tesla global R & D system, mainly undertaking research and development work on new energy products.
“The gathering of colleges and universities in Beijing is an important talent base. With many world-class universities and research institutions, we will make full use of Beijing's advantages in talent and innovation.” Ren Yuxiang introduced, with the future cooperation between Tesla China and the Beijing Municipal Government, the focus is mainly on three aspects: talent, energy storage and new energy direction. With the development of China's business in the future, Tesla (Beijing) Technology Innovation Center will gradually expand its scale.
"Beijing is a very important market for Tesla in China. I am especially grateful to the Beijing Municipal Government for its strong support and promotion of new energy vehicles in recent years," said Ren Yuxiang, Beijing's exploration of new energy and its support for new energy vehicles are the world's leading and set a good example for many cities.
Ren Yuxiang said that Tesla's products cover many aspects, such as electric car hardware, software, autopilot, energy storage, etc. Therefore, Tesla is actually a cross-border company, the next step is with the Beijing Municipal Government. Cooperation is not just about new energy vehicles, energy storage and so on.
Beijing News reporter learned that, in addition to Tesla (Beijing) technology innovation center, the current, Tesla China headquarters, operation center, settlement center, sales company has already settled in Beijing.
China is one of Tesla's largest overseas markets
At the end of 2013, Tesla officially entered the Chinese market. Seven experience centers and six service outlets have been established in Beijing.

“Beijing's position in Tesla China will not change. We will play a comprehensive role in sales, service, R & D, and innovation. There will be many opportunities for cooperation with the Beijing municipal government, universities and research institutes. " Ren Yuxiang said. He also said China is now one of the largest electric vehicles in the world and the largest overseas market outside the United States. So Tesla is very keen to be able to participate in the global energy and sustainable transport of electric vehicles in the world's largest electric car market.

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