The advantages and disadvantages of Dongguan and Shenzhen's ejector blade

When we made the mold, I believe that many people know that ejector blade. The ejector blade is also called the cotter pin. It is mainly used for the ejection of the ribs of the plastic products, and the plastic of rib form. When the dome pins cannot be placed, we choose to use the ejector blade. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of ejector blade? The advantages and disadvantages of Changan’s ejector blade are as follows.


Advantages of the ejector blade: The pin shape can be designed according to the shape of the rubber piece, and the ejection force is large, which is called a cotter pin.


Disadvantages of the ejector blade: difficult to machine, easy to wear, and high cost, When you can use a dome pin, you don't need a ejector pin. If the deep bone position is set on the mold, it is recommended to use a ejector blade for the precision mold and the ordinary small and medium mold. The width of the ejector blade should be less than the width of the bone. Under some special circumstances, the ejector blade, which is slightly wider than the width of the bone position, is selected on the premise of adding glue to the flat top needle at the flat top, But the ejector blade width should not exceed the thickness of the product so as to avoid shrinkage on the surface of the product.

The above is all the contents provided by Changan mld pin, hoping it can help you effectively.


2021年6月19日 06:42