High Simulation Humanoid Robots


[Comprehensive report] According to the British “daily mail” reported on the 18th April, recently a high simulation humanoid robots in UK broke up the glasses with both hands when it discussed the robot invasion subject with customers in a bar in London. And it scares most of the people there.


据报道,这款高仿真类人机器人的人物原型为伦敦演员特乔伊·纽维尔(Tedroy Newell),机器人当时在伦敦西部的一家酒吧坐着等候它点的拉格啤酒。但周围毫不知情的顾客完全没有预料到接下来发生的事情:在打碎手中的酒杯前,它严厉斥责当地人。

Report has it that the highly simulated humanoid robot is created based on the London actor Tedroy Newell. The robot was sitting in a bar in west London waiting for its order of lagers. But the unsuspecting customers around completely didn’t anticipate what would happen next. It lashed out at the locals before breaking its glass.



The human-like robot called Fred was built by five engineers from a robotics company in 12 hours and was created to promote the new series Western World.



The team of engineers has developed hundreds of thousands of computer codes and tens of thousands of components, including complex metal skeleton, plastic skin, human hair, solid acrylic eyes and 3D scanning technology that makes Fred lifelike. In order to test Fred on the spot, a team of engineers installed a hidden camera in the bar, and Fred was placed in the bar to find out whether it can deceive the public. 



The robot started a conversation with nearby customers in a relative relaxed atmosphere. When interacting with the robot, customers’ emotions changed from surprise to anxiety and fear for they were asked a series of weighty questions, including the question of “what do you think about the coming humanoid robot invasion?”



Then Fred broke down as planned, broke the glass in his hand, and dealt with the surrounding customers’ fear with emphatic gestures and remote control voice expression.  


据报道,弗瑞德由英国流媒体服务Now TV提供资金打造,目的是为了推广新科幻剧《西部世界》,并且其灵感源于该剧的人工智能主播。

Fred was reportedly funded by Now TV, a British streaming service to promote the new science-fiction drama west world, and its inspiration comes from the show’s artificial intelligence.

2021年11月19日 06:46